Our Back Story - Why We Created ReadyShipUSA and How We Got Into the Business of HotShot and Freight Trucking Load Boards -  About Us!

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#ReadyShipUSA is a PRIVATE QUOTE platform!!

#Shippers…list any items to be shipped for FREE!

 #HotShots, #Truckers, and #FreightHaulers...find your next load, send QUOTE(s) today, make money tomorrow - Easily fill your truck...Never run empty or LTL again!


Meet the Owner and Creator - Tom (and Jenn)!


We are NOT a bidding site...as an OTR driver for 30+ years...I've tried most of the other "broker/bidding sites" (i.e. uShip, Central Dispatch, 123LoadBoard...) and I always came away feeling insignificant, unappreciated, ripped off and disrespected. Then waiting up to 30 days for processing and a payment code just to get paid. Eventually and inevitably, I would be "kicked off or shut out of” most of these sites.


I grew tired of working so hard, feeling hurried, worried, stressed-out, and broke…every day having to get in my truck and deal with the "hazzards" of the highways, while trying to create a profitable business for my family’s future…frustration, exhaustion and just  plain “irked” were my normal.


I came to realize, both #Shippers and #Transporters need a website (a #HotShot  #load board) that is easy to navigate and simple to use…a platform that brings Shippers and Transporters together (much like a dating site) within a user-friendly community with a load board that is updated in real-time and includes a fully functional GPS Google Maps plug-in for easy/automated access to directions and mileage.


I set out to create a community of Shippers and Transporters that is easy to navigate with NO BullShit! Shipper listings to the load board are always FREE! With a Transporter Subscription you get unlimited access to the load board and the listings are updated in real-time (turn on your email notifications), no load limits, a personal trucker to shipper email system for PRIVATE QUOTES and information exchange, and a detailed, individually created Transporter Profile Page which includes a “satisfaction rating system”, Transporter Bio,  with plenty of room for Comments, Pictures, Articles, and Much More. Haulers can use there Profile Page as Advertising, on or off of the ReadyShipUSA site. For a Transporters convenience we’ve decided to include many other "Trucker Related" necessities which can be used to create and grow a successful business, or simply supplement your current income.  


No more guessing...ReadyShipUSA will never take any of your hard-earned money. As a Trucker, you will never be asked to pay fees or outrageous percentages on shipments you transport...NO auction fees, NO bidding fees, NO broker fees, NO listing fees, NO booking fees, or any other hidden fees. Best of all, you maintain control over your "business" at all times...your money, your career, and your life are totally your own. Shippers, you maintain complete control of your items being shipped as we will never withhold transporter information.


ReadyShipUSA takes the guesswork out of on-line shipping. As a Transporter, you decide which Shipper(s) to contact (first contact is made through your private email within the ReadyShipUSA site). You can easily send quotes, ask questions, track shipments and finalize any further business privately with your Shippers using the ReadyShipUSA site or your own (initial contact with Shippers and shipment tracking must be completed within the site…). Shipper and Transporter can and should exchange any and all contact information...we never withhold the details of who you intend to do business with. All business between the shipper and transporter is strictly confidential and private.


Everyday there are thousands of Transporters trying to fill their trucks and thousands of Shippers looking to ship anything to somewhere in the USA. We put shipping on your side, bringing transporters and shippers together making shipping easy, cost effective, and stress free.


Welcome to ReadyShipUSA your go to #HotShot Load Board!!!