Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ's

Our FAQ page has the answers to all of your questions about ReadyShipUSA's Hotshot and Freight Loadboard! 


Must I pay extra for access to all the loads on the loadboard?

ReadyShipUSA never upcharges for access to different levels of access (such as bronze, silver, gold level). All Hotshots/Transporters have equal access to all the loads on the loadboard for the same price. The playing field is level, not tiered!


With your subscription you have unlimited access to both load boards and there are no limits to how many Quotes you send per month! 


Is your site secure?

Yes, we use the latest, most secure SSL Certificate Encryption to secure your personal information and First Data is our third party payment you can be sure your payment information is secure. We do not keep any credit card information on our servers! Look for the small lock icon in the address bar and know we are secure.


Do I need DOT or MC numbers?

No, you can create an account without having DOT or MC numbers and add them to your profile at any time. 


How much does it cost?

Shippers...NO CREDIT CARD necessary...listing are FREE. There are NO LIMITS on the amount of items you can list and you never pay auction, broker, or booking fees. 

Transporters pay a monthly fee of $49.99 for unlimited access to use the site and access to both load boards. 


Do I pay auction fees or booking fees?

No, here at ReadyShipUSA we never charge shippers an auction fee (some sites charge upwards of $20 to list a single shipment and to accept a bid). Never pay a booking fee to ReadyShipUSA.


Do I pay the transporter through your site?

No, you deal directly with your transporter. All schedules and other logistics, including payments, are handled directly between shipper and transporter.


Are correspondences between the shipper and transporter made public on the site?

No, the transporter and shipper use their own private inbox to discuss cost, time frame, ask questions and verify any and all information regarding the shipment. We have recently provided shippers the opportunity to provide their email and phone numbers in their listings (if they choose to give them...)! You can use the private email system on the site or contact the shippers personally to provide Private Quotes!


As a shipper, is my personal information kept private?

Yes or's up to you! All personal contact information is kept private unless you choose to provide it in your listing. It is at the shipper’s discretion wether to divuldge their contact information and any necessary information is provided to the transporter from the shipper.


Do you use a red flag system to suspend users?

No, we never suspend users for giving out their contact information. We only suspend users if they act in a harassing, threatening way, or act with malice toward any users on the per the user agreement.


Can I ship all over the world?

No, here at ReadyShipUSA you can only ship items that originate and deliver in the USA. Pickup and delivery locations must have a zip code. We are an American owned company and feel we want to concentrate our site on shipping within the USA.


Can I list more than one shipment?

Yes...There are NO LIMITS...all listings are completly FREE!


What is ReadyShipUSA’s role in my transaction?

ReadyShipUSA is a platform where transporters and shippers come together to transport hard to ship items. We are not involved with the any coorespondence or transactions between shippers and transporters. It is the sole responsibility of the user to validate the claims of any other user with respect to their license, insurance, registration and operating authority.


ReadyShipUSA does not screen or pre-qualify any user for compliance within state, federal or local laws and regulations. It is the responsibility of the user to confirm compliance before entering into any agreement of services. 


Can a transporter cancel their service at any time?

Yes...Transporters simply login to your account and click on the Deactivate Account tab.  You can either deactivate your account or click the Cancel Membership tab for immediate cancelation of your account.

You can reactivate your account anytime by logging in and clicking on the Update Payment Info tab.

All shipments are listed on the load board in the order in which they are received. We have recently partnered with Matracks and Post Once to ensure all loads are "real" and current (all listings updated every 15 minutes)!


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