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HotShot and Freight Hauler Load Board

Two Load Boards, One Site, One Price!

No Bidding, No BS!!  





**There are no limits on the number of listings.

**Listings are always FREE for Shippers.

1. Create your account...

2. List your shipment...

3. HotShot and Freight Truckers will email you with


**ReadyShipUSA will not give away your contact information unless you chose to add it to your listing...Truckers will email you through the sites private email system or your personal email...Shippers choice...Transporters will email/call you with private quotes, you decide which quote to accept and who to give your contact information! (Turn on your email notifications to be sure to not miss a quote!)





**Unlimited Access to Both the HotShot and Freight Load Boards for One Monthly Cost of $49.99!


**No Bidding, No Brokers, No Fees,

No Payment Holds or Codes, and No BS!!

1. Create your account...

2. Search for loads on both boards...

3. Send PRIVATE QUOTES to Shippers!


It Really Is That Easy!!!


We work to make the site user-friendly...If you have any trouble working within the site, please call 484-695-1923!

Shippers: Login...complete the information about your shipment, and check your private inbox frequently for quotes from Transporters. Choose your Transporter, email them back to start your conversation, and finally make arrangements for pick up and delivery.

Transporters: Login...Complete the payment process and create your profile. Buzz through the load board or use the search tools (Google Maps/GPS) to find the loads in your any questions and/or quotes to the shippers through their private inbox...check your inbox frequently for a response from the shipper(s)...and finally, start a conversation and make arrangements for pick up and delivery.


It Really Is That Easy!!

Shippers: Go to the HOME tab located at the top left corner of this page. Next, Click on the “Start Here” button for Shippers (Red Tab) and complete the contact information form...

Create your username and password...

Create your Shipper Profile and list your Shipment(s) to the Loadboards!


Both the HotShot and Freight loadboards are updated in “real-time”, so your listings will be available for Transporters to see immediately. We now provide the ability to "see what the truckers see..." and an EDIT LISTING feature for our Shippers.


The Transporter will then message the Shipper, using ReadyShipUSA's private message system, with any questions and/or to provide a quote for the specified shipment.

**New Update: ReadyShipUSA Private Messages are now sent as an email to the Shippers registration email to ensure timely delivery!


The Shipper should then “View Transporter Profile” and reply to the message with answers to any Transporter question(s) and/or accept the Transporters quoted price...using the “Award Shipment” tab in the email.


At this time the Shipper and Transporter should exchange their personal contact information and make arrangements for shipment pick- up and delivery.


**ReadyShipUSA will NEVER give out the Shipper’s contact information (full name, address, phone # or email address)...It is at the Shipper's discretion to provide necessary contact information and obtain the same from the Transporter.


A “Shipment Confirmation” email has now been sent to the Transporter.


How to Confirm Delivery and Rate the Transporter:

Once the Transporter marks the shipment as "Delivered" an email will be sent to the Shipper to “Confirm Delivery”…an email to “Rate the Transporter” will be sent to the Shippers inbox…follow the link provided and select the appropriate number of stars and add any comments you may have!


Go to the HOME tab located in the top left corner of this page. Next, Click on the “Start Here” button (Blue Tab) and complete the contact information (name, business name, email, and phone number)...Create your username and password.


Create your Carrier Profile...As the Transporter you can use the recently upgraded Google Maps (with extended radius and state to state search features - No Zip Codes Needed!) to search for a shipment in your lane…


When you, as the Transporter, find your next load...Click on the Shipment you are interested in to private message the Shipper…ask questions about the shipment and/or submit a quote.


The Shipper will then private message the Transporter with answers to any questions and/or Accept the Quote and “Award the Shipment".


The Shipper and Transporter work out the logistics of that particular shipment (when, where and how much).

**At this time the Shipper and Transporter should exchange any and all contact information and discuss necessary information regarding the shipment.


**There are NO LIMITS as to how many shipments a Transporter can accept.


How to Accept a Shipment: Go to your “Profile Page”, click on your "Inbox" tab click on the “Shipment Link” choose "Accept" or "Decline".


Once the Transporter "Accepts" shipment, an email notification will be sent to the Shipper marked as “Waiting to be Shipped”. If "Declined" an email notification is sent to the Shipper and the shipment will be placed back on the Load Board.


How to Change the Shipment Status to "In Transit": Go to your “Profile Page”, click on "My Deliveries" tab, click on the “Shipment Link” and below the map is a drop down box “Shipment Status”, click the arrow and select “In Transit". An email notification is sent to the Shipper letting them know their shipment is on its way for delivery.


How to Change the Shipment Status to "Delivered": Go to your “Profile Page”, click on "My Deliveries" tab, click on the “Shipment Link”, go to “Status” drop down box below the map and click on “Delivered”. An email notification will be sent to the Shipper to confirm delivery.

Ship Anything Anywhere in the USA!!!

Posted by Tom Benner on Friday, March 15, 2019