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Jim Fisher. 4cs WP Rocky Mountain video
2 months ago
This is a great company they have answered my emails. And we sat up a phone call and Tom called me. I've been in the delivery business for 38 years this is a no Nonsense very simple company. They hook up the shipper with the transporter. That simple all of the communication goes on between the shipper and the transporter. Weight dimensions discussed between shipper and transporter .simple thank you
Response from the owner2 months ago
Hey Jijm: Thanks for taking the time to talk today. We are always available to answer any questions or to listen to your suggestions. We are working tough to get you all a site that is actually out there for everyone...everyone on the road and everyone looking to ship something somewhere! We appreciate your conversation and your thoughts. Keep in touch...and we wish you much success...ReadyShipUSA is looking forward to being a part of it. Be safe out there...Peace and Serenity to you and yours!
Denard Carter
2 months ago
Best customer service I've had in a long time. Tom sat on the phone with me for 25 mins answering every question I had. Never once rushed me off the phone nor did it take him long to answer. 5/5 GREAT SERVICE hope to run loads soon.


Response from the owner2 months ago
Thanks so much Denard...we really appreciate your trust in us. We will always do our best to answer any questions and always listen to your suggestions. Our platform is growing quickly and we are adding new "real" loads everyday...we are extending to you a FREE month with ReadyShipUSA and thank you again for all you do out there on our highways...be safe out there and Peace to you and yours.


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December 21 2019

"Awesome, my first shipment listing was completely free and so simple to list. No auction or booking fees. Best of all, I could see my transporter's contact information at the click of a button. No mysteries at ReadyShip USA. This is great!" - Brian N. 


December 3 2019
"As a hauler, I love ReadyShip USA. No red flags, my quotes and questions for shippers are private, and I can talk directly to my perspective customers before they accept my quote. And my customers pay ME directly, NOT the website!" - Tony R. 



"This website blows away those auction-based bidding sites. Super easy to use and they never take any of my money!" - Rick K.