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To make money in a cesspool of undcercutting sharks is nothing more than a slow race to the bottom. Obviously, the dollar is the bottom line in such an environment. If you don’t have direct customers you’ll always be at the mercy of spot rates and bottom feeders. Dare yourself to be different and blaze your own path!!! Good luck!

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Uship Reviews

uShip is certainly a giant corporation that has been marketing itself as a marketplace, a facilitator between customers and businesses. However, they do not seem to understand and honor the true meaning of marketplace. They do not seem to care about all of these business they gain every month. All they care is whether or not you make them money. They can suspend an account whenever they want without a reason. And yet, they tell you a possible reason is that you do not have enough bookings. You can place bids all you want, but if customers don’t book with you then you are of no use to them. And they can ban you from using their “marketplace.” And this is what happened to us, Corsia Logistics, a small family-owned company with 5 star rated reputation. How is this a marketplace then? Why do they ban a company out of the blue without any reason, and moreover without a legal right to do that?


From my review of the uShip terms, I do not see anywhere indicated a specific maximum or minimum number of bids or shipments required for any provider to book. Yet, they can ban you for not having enough bookings.


Similarly to me being at the local market selling apples – I am not required by the local regulators to sell all of my, for example, 500 lb of apples, right.


I am, however, working at the market trying to sell them, offering all of my apples, just like anyone else. I am trying by all legal means possible, lowering my prices as much as I can afford, but no more than a certain minimum. Maybe I can get a bigger table and spread them, and a tent to attract attention, which is legal, but that doesn’t mean I will sell, unfortunately. Apples are not oranges.


It is the same thing happening on uShip. We are trying, by placing as many bids as we can because this is one of two ways possible for us to complete, and hope to attract attention and book a customer. There is only two ways for most companies, placing as many bids as possible or lowering the price to an unbearable minimum where you do not profit, but at least you may book a shipment. Nothing else to offer right, only apples as many as possible, shining at the big table, and lowering the price as much as economically viable for the provider.


So, this is what all companies are doing. How many are winning? Uship probably knows the answer. Not many. So, are they going to suspend most accounts and be left with a few of the big establishments to monopolize the market? Because this is what they are doing. And this is called discrimination. In our case towards Corsia Logistics, the small company that is trying and working hard every day.


I am really struck by the way uShip is slashing an account without notice, and without any options. Why would you not want to try and help a company find a way to make things work? Why would you not want to give notice and tell a company, hey guys something is not working figure it out? I really don’t see how this is supporting a healthy marketplace led by the laws of a free market economy.


This is what uship is doing.


Vasi Atanasova
Corsia Logistics

Jimmy Wells says:

That’s true. We don’t need to spend our time there anymore, instead focus on our own customers, business development and marketing efforts.







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Posted by ReadyShip USA on Friday, May 29, 2020